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Ubytujte se v jednom z nejkrásnějších lázeňských měst České republiky – v Mariánských Lázních, v útulné Rezidenci Villa Gloria 3* – ve městě stovky minerálních léčivých pramenů a užijte si naši speciální akci v období, kdy vše zažijete bez turistů i front.
Prokračování článku o výhodné akci ubytováním v Mariánských Lázních >>


First mention of the “island” dates back to the 11th century, although it did not take on its final appearance until the 16th century after a large fire, when debris was transported to the island from the beautiful former houses of the Lesser Quarter which were destroyed. Today’s name “Kampa” is shrouded in mystery. One of the possible theories claims that the island is named after the owner of one of the houses here, Ticho Gangsel di Campo. Others claim that the name is derived from the Latin “campus” (flat field) or from the old Czech “Zákampí” (shady place). From the 15th century onwards, mills and mill gardens started to appear here, later being replaced by the gardens of the aristocracy. Apart from the wooden mill wheel which is a remnant of the “Huť” Mill, we can also find here remains of the “Sova” Mill which was later owned by the František Odkolek and his family of bakers. The building has been renovated and nowadays serves as the Kampa Museum.

Kampa island in Prague is linked to some well-known names such as the scholar of the Czech language and founder of comparative Slavic studies Josef Dobrovský, the actor and dramatist Jan Werich, the poet Vladimír Holan and T.G. Masaryk, who frequently visited this island while out walking. Not far from here, you will find what is probably the narrowest lane in Prague with traffic lights for pedestrians. If anyone tries to pass through when the lights are red, they run the risk of bumping into anyone coming the other way. One story even tells how a tourist got “stuck” in the lane and had to be extricated by firemen using a lot of soap and water. We can also find here the Lennon Wall, a place very popular among tourists, where people from all over the world come to pay homage to John Lennon, a member of The Beatles who was murdered.

Kampa is a popular location among filmmakers, having provided the backdrop to the Czech film “Octopuses from the 2nd floor”. The island was also used to film Amadeus and Mission Impossible. Kampa is currently used mainly as a park. While walking along the Vltava, you can rest on a bench or lie down in the grass. In the summer months, the island and the area around Hotel Kampa Garden*** is the scene of various interesting cultural events and markets.

Hotel Kampa Garden*** offers a beautiful view, not only of the canal itself, but also of the shady corners of the French Embassy park. Thanks to its convenient location in the very heart of Prague, all of the monuments are located within easy walking distance.


Parking / Car Parks

If you are travelling to our Hotel Kampa Garden *** Prague 1 by car, you must book a parking space as soon as possible in advance! The hotel is located in a heritage zone in the centre of Prague 1 – Kampa with strict restrictions on parking (zones). Hotel Kampa Garden *** has only 6 parking spaces for guests, so do not delay when reserving one.

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Your first steps in Prague / in the Czech Republic

Whether you are heading to our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague from the airport, the coach or railway station, or even using your own means of transport, don’t forget about the following basic travel tips:

  • Get the best transport around Prague for you from / to the airport or other stating point / destination (public transport, taxi or hotel transportation). The cheapest form of transport is public transport (buses) directly from the airport – more details are available on the website of Václav Havel Airport Prague. Travelling by taxi is convenient, but expensive (€1 / 1km – the journey to the centre of Prague from the airport costs approx. 30 €). The most convenient of all however is the transport which our hotel can arrange for you subject to request and it can even be provided FREE OF CHARGE – more details are available here>>
  • Get some Czech crowns. Always find out the current exchange rate on the internet before travelling, ideally on the website of the Czech National Bank – details are available here>> and check the money you are given in the bureau de change. If the exchange rate is significantly different, look for another bureau de change and never exchange money with anybody on the street. Bureaux de change may have very disadvantageous exchange rates, particularly in the centre of Prague (the Old Town Square and other tourist spots). Our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in Prague 1 recommends the Na Kaprovce bureau de change (ask our staff, who will give you a map and provide you with instructions on how to get there).
  • Prepare for the weather. Although our staff at Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague will do their best to ensure your utmost comfort, we cannot unfortunately control the weather. Find out what the local weather is going to be like in advance and be prepared – don’t allow your enjoyment of the historical city of Prague to be spoiled. You can also use our on-line webcam, which is located right on our Hotel Kampa Garden *** and see exactly what the weather is like with a view of Charles Bridge. Remember that Prague, city of a hundred spires, is beautiful whatever the season and whatever the weather. You can also find a few tips for interesting places and locations to visit here on our website.


The best museums in Prague

Prague is and always has been a centre for art and collecting. Come and have a look with us at a little history and some modern art. Most of these attractions are literally a “stone’s throw” from our Hotel Kampa Garden*** in the centre of Prague.



Interesting events in Prague

Prague, a fairy-tale historical city where right in the centre you will also find our Hotel Kampa Garden ***, organises and hosts many festivals and concerts all year round. Whatever the season, you will come across a plethora of events which are not far from our Hotel Kampa Garden *** by public transport or on foot. Traditional pop, rock and classical music festivals take it in turns with festivals offering fine food and drink (surely everybody knows Czech beer!), interspersed with special exhibitions. It would be impossible to list all of the events and to recommend only the best – everyone is partial to a different genre, but we will try to mention the most interesting or largest events. The best times for traditional festivals and events are Easter, Labour Day and Liberation Day (1 and 8 May), Christmas and at the time when celebrations are held to mark the New Year. As far as the music scene is concerned, the best time is spring to summer and the start of autumn (May – September).

March / April 2019

All year 2019

May 2019

June / July / August 2019

September / October 2019

November / December 2019


The best pop/rock/metal concerts of 2019 in Prague

Enjoy some unusual experiences in Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, and combine the past with the present. We have for you an overview of the best concerts in Prague until the end of 2019. All of the concert halls and arenas in Prague are literally a stone’s throw from our Hotel Kampa Garden in the centre of Prague 1. Our hotel staff will be happy to provide you any information you need regarding transport to and from concert venues – we are here for you! Book your stay in advance as Prague tends to be overcrowded with cars when large concerts like this are held and you could even end up spending hours in a traffic jam as compared to having a quiet rest in one of our cosy rooms and then heading out for a concert at your leisure on foot or using public transport.

The great concert halls here include the O2 Arena in Prague, Eden, Prague Congress Centre, Forum Karlín and many others. You can easily buy concert tickets on-line via TicketPro.

Book accommodation in our Hotel Kampa Garden well in advance »

  • Elton John (7.5. 2019)
  • LP (11.-12.5.2019)
  • Jamiroquai (25.5.2019)
  • Bryan Ferry (5.6. 2019)
  • Smashing Pumpkins (6.6.2019)
  • Prague Rocks 2019 - Kiss & ZZ Top (19.6.2019)
  • Backstreet Boys (22.6.2019)
  • Phil Collins (25.6.2019)
  • Mark Knopfler (26.6.2019)
  • Rammstein (16. – 17.7.2019)
  • Metallica (18.8.2019)
  • Michael Bublé (17.9.2019)
  • David Garrett (1.10.2019)
  • Eros Ramazzotti (22.10.2019)
  • Sarah Brightman (8.11.2019)

Opera and ballet in Prague

Enjoy the timeless experience of classical music and immerse yourself in the dulcet tones and vocals of opera or allow yourself to be swept away by the choreography and art of ballet in Prague. Vivaldi, Mozart, Smetana, Tchaikovsky – these are only a few of the many composers whose countless operas and ballets can be visited in Prague. Your experience will be enhanced by the exquisitely decorated interiors of the venues dating back to the Baroque and the Renaissance, and all of them are within easy reach of Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague… continued article »

The best of the Czech Republic or a day trip from Prague returning to the hotel afterwards

Do / did you like Prague and its monuments, attractions and places of interest? Prolong your stay with us at Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague and set out on day trips to discover the beauty of the Czech Republic. To do so, you can take advantage of the high-quality network of motorways or travel in comfort by bus or train, or use the modern services of agencies – our staff will gladly provide you with advice and arrange your trip including pick-up in front of Hotel Kampa Garden*** in Prague.

The best of Prague in 3 days

Prague is an amazing place full of historical monuments, attractions, entertainment and things to discover… continued article »


The most beautiful gardens in Prague

Prague is not only a historical place brimming with history, museums and monuments, but also a picturesque place overflowing with greenery and breath-taking gardens. Escape with us for a while from the hustle and bustle of those busy locations teeming with tourists to corners of the city so picturesque that time will stand still for a while enabling you to enjoy a literally fairy-tale Prague from a completely different point of view. Most gardens are close to our Hotel Kampa Garden *** in the centre of Prague and you can incorporate them into your route while discovering Prague, city of a hundred spires.

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